Gentleman's Race

This action packed 3D Animated Series, takes the audience on a 10 year old girl's epic journey through the Town of Sonderman. Along the way, Trina meets Hank and a colorful group of Senior Citizens, who are committed to saving the Sonderman Old Growth forest from being destroyed. Come and embark on this visually stunning Animated journey, and explore important family-friendly themes including: 

  • Environmental stewardship and conservation
  • Healthy Christian and ethical approaches for dealing with bullying, violence, pain and trauma
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Caring for seniors/elderly
  • Mentoring children and youth. 

Come meet Trina and the cast of our 3D Series

Our animated series features some colorful characters with rich back stories. The seniors have suffered loss and pain, success and victory; joy and sorrow! The group of eight seniors and their friends at the Seniors Home and long term care facility, mourn and laugh together and support each other through the ups and downs of their life journey.

One of the key characters named "Hank", leads the group of seniors and is like a mentor and coach to them. As a retired pastor and flower shop owner, he leads the seniors in prayer and worship, teaching them about Christ and helping many of them to come to faith in Christ Jesus.
explore sonderman valley and its region

Sonderman Municipal Park

Nestled in the Sonderman Valley, the Town of Sonderman has a population of 30,000 people. This town is a representation of what small town Ontario looked like, while the Director was growing up in the 1980's and 1990's.

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